The truth about “value propositions”.

If you want to start a relationship with someone does your first approach include how great you are? Do you tell them your dating history with all your successes? Of course not (unless you are a jerk). This is why there is no such thing when you are dating as a “personal value proposition”. A good B2B sales conversation typically begins with a prospect sharing situations and issues that block specific goals or cost money; along with why, how and when they think they need help. But most B2B buyers won’t share the truth (what they really need with a stranger) i.e. your unsolicited phone call or e-mail. So how do you earn a prospect’s trust at hello? Don’t sound like a salesperson leading with a “value proposition”. If you are selling a commodity the only difference is price, so a relationship is not necessary. But if what you sell requires change (beliefs or behaviors) you have to earn their trust. The truth is most B2B sales are lost by a first approach that creates resistance. Posted By John Hall