Do you do strategic planning?
How do you help organizations make significant progress?
We’re having trouble executing our strategy. Is this something you can help with?
We need help getting our executive team to work together better. How can Pathway help unite us?
We need to work on our culture. Is this something you can help with and where do we start?
We continually struggle with accountability and individual performance feedback/reviews. Is this something you can help with?
We don’t deal well with conflict. Can you help?
We have a hard time attracting and keeping top talent. Is this something Pathway can help with?
We need help hiring the right people, what can Pathway do to support us?
Can you help us define competencies for a key position? We want to make sure we hire the right person and lead them in the most effective way. How can Pathway help?
Do you offer individual coaching?
Do you help companies find and assess potential new hires?
Many of our leaders have more technical backgrounds. Can you help them develop their people leadership skills, often called EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?
We need to evaluate the next generation of leaders for succession planning. Is this something Pathway can help with?
Our people, even our leaders, don’t work together very well. Can Pathway help us build stronger teams?
I need help getting my people to do what I’ve asked them to do. Can you help me get my team on track?
I’ve heard Pathway is familiar with the Enneagram. How do you use it to work with individuals? Teams?