A Small Sampling of Our Work.

We’ve been helping clients create the outcomes they want for decades. We’ve gained enough experience during this time to know that your business challenges are as unique as you, your team, and your goals.

Here’s a few of our more recent successes, which, by the way, would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of our outstanding clients.

Please know these represent some of the more common challenges and issues our clients face. This is not a comprehensive collection of our work or our capabilities. If you’re facing a challenge that’s not captured here and would like to know what we’ve done and how we can help – reach out. We’re excellent listeners and outstanding problem solvers and we’re excited to learn more about you.

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Enerfab is a construction, maintenance, and fabrication company dedicated to achieving excellence through execution. When one of their most talented leaders began to struggle, they reached out for help. Our approach to talent development and executive coaching was a perfect fit. That lagging leader is now a “developer of talent who has created a team that consistently delivers top results.” (Dave Hersche, Chairman)
St. Joseph’s Orphanage helps children suffering from depression, aggression, anxiety, unsatisfactory grades, trauma, or other behavioral issues find the resources they need to be their best. After 185 years of success, a new CEO was coming on board with a charge to set the course for another century (or two) of success. They reached out to Pathway for help. “If we had not done this strategy work with Pathway, it might have taken us 2-1/2 years to get where we were able to go in a year. Actually, if I am honest, instead of celebrating our 188th birthday we would be struggling. We would probably be retracting services and laying people off. I’d be known as the guy who quietly moved the organization into the sunset” (Eric Cummins, CEO)
The Verst Group had worked with several different companies over the course of 15 years to develop their 3-year strategic plans but they were struggling to find the growth they knew was possible. They were tired of working so long and hard for such small returns. Leadership reached out to Pathway for help. We helped them define new paths and start taking bold actions in just 8 weeks. “Our company would not be where it is today without the assistance and advice of everyone from Pathway.” (Paul Verst, President & CEO)
The University of Cincinnati’s Trauma and Critical Care Team was dealing with “multiple focuses and multiple personalities.” Their outstanding team of all-stars were each doing their best work. Patients were getting award-winning care. Doctors were sharpening their skills and advancing their careers. From the outside you’d think everything was working just fine – because it was. From the inside, their leader knew they could be performing at an even higher level. They reached out to Pathway for help. “We had multiple focuses and multiple personalities. We needed a framework that helped us do our best work. Pathway delivered.”
(Dr. Jay Johannigman, UC Trauma Division Chief)
Messer Construction is a leader when it comes to complex, commercial construction. They know exactly what to do when it comes to transforming communities and the construction industry. They were less sure how to tackle the hard work of organizing and executing for exponential growth across multiple segments. They reached out to Pathway for guidance.

“The work we did with Pathway was powerful. It set the direction and helped drive much of our current success. It is the foundation of what we do and the decisions we make. We are partners now. When we don’t know how to handle an issue, decision, or challenge, Pathway is one of the first partners we call to see what they advise. We know we can lean on them because they always come through. We’re on track to do $200-250M in Cincinnati and $900M in other regions. We were less than half that when we first started working with Pathway 18 years ago.” (Tom Keckeis, CEO)

How to be unified, yet independent. How to manage rapid growth. How to properly support each team while keeping a handle on costs and profits. These were the heavy challenges keeping Tom Williams, Partner and President of North American Properties, awake at night. Tom reached out to Pathway for guidance. We helped the North American Properties leadership team create alignment, drive action, and achieve results.

“We all know that most strategies do not get fully implemented, if at all. Pathway made it clear, from the beginning, that if we wanted to change our results we’d have to change our behavior. They helped us find success because they held us accountable and made sure we followed through.” (Tom Williams, Partner & President)

The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority found themselves in an interesting situation. You see, they aren’t a traditional company, and they aren’t a traditional non-profit…they aren’t a traditional anything! Not fitting in wasn’t going to keep them from success, however. Failure was not an option – an entire region’s growth was riding on their success. They turned to Pathway for guidance.

“Overall, the Pathway team is top-notch and their impact has been enormous. Our work has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Our fundraising efforts have taken off, we are more confident and unified, and the board is happy. Working with Pathway has been an all-around success.” (Laura N. Brunner, President & CEO)