Why customer service IS marketing.

When your customers tell others (W.O.M.M. = word of mouth marketing) how much they like your business; chances are they exchanged e-mails with an employee that fixed a problem, writing words that conveyed a caring tone with clear content. Unlike phone calls, customers forward e-mails to friends and they can live forever in the digital “after-life”; which is exciting if it helps your brand, but scary when it doesn’t. How often do your employees “think relationship” when they e-mail your clients to create “W.O.M.M.” moments? But if they are expected to answer dozens of e-mails, while taking calls, it’s no surprise the tone of their messages often miss the mark and cause frustrations for everyone; not to mention lost time trying to make things right with even MORE e-mails. This is precisely why writing for tone and trust is easier said than done. Posted by John Hall

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